Market Preview

Not all is Rosy

What we had hoped would not come to pass is now becoming reality. Perhaps it was hope rather than math, that drove optimistic perception. I have a saying, which I probably don’t repeat enough; “You can choose to ignore the math, but you ...

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Ford Earnings Example

Volatility has NOT left the market and we should expect it to remain until the FOMC meeting clarifies their monetary policy and forward guidance. Until then the market and media have turned their attention back to earnings, geopolitical volatility ...

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Earnings: GM and Ford

I believe, despite some big earnings names, the week will remain in a low volatile range, barring any geopolitical explosions. The market seems poised to go higher, but the confidence boost will not come from economic data, not even earnings. What ...

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Earnings Half-Time Report

We are half way through earnings season and it doesn't look great, but at least it is not contracting. I guess you could say it is tepid or lackluster. Some are saying this was because of the winter storms, but I can’t help but wonder if this ...

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Value Rotation?

It’s the height of earnings season and so far we have gotten a mixed picture. The market continues to bounce between a support and resistance range, we are waiting to see how the Ukraine situation plays out and lastly, we are not certain how ...

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Earnings: Ford and AT&T

So far, this earnings season has been mixed. Concerns have surfaced in the banking, retail, and restaurant sectors. The major concerns are weak sales numbers and short falls in top-line revenue. Companies have announced more layoffs and cost cutting ...

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