+Financial Mechanic Apprentice Program

Job Summary

You may already have the fundamental skills of a Financial Mechanic and not even know it.

Unlike other jobs in the financial industry, the skills required for a trading operation in the financial industry requires unique knowledge and experience that is not normally found in typical financial degrees.

Today’s financial industry lacks what is known as the Financial Mechanic. The Financial Mechanic can easily move into the financial research arena, trading operations and even FinTech. A Financial Mechanic’s skills are transferable across the entire financial industry, from hedge funds to large financial institutions. All of these - Quants, algo-trading, data-research, automated systems and AI - needs and have Financial Mechanics working for them in one capacity or another. While they may not have the job title of Financial Mechanic, their skill set is defined as a Financial Mechanic.

The senior level of a Financial Mechanic is more commonly known as the Financial Engineer. This is certainly a path for a Financial Mechanic and the road is far easier to pursue a Masters or PhD in Financial Engineering.

The amazing value in being a Financial Mechanic, is there is not one road, but many. The real value in being a Financial Mechanic is that you hold a valuable set of skills and knowledge that is highly valued in various fields in the financial industry.

A strong Financial Mechanic can find a job anywhere in the world in the financial industry. Amazingly, some of the best Financial Mechanics do not have a college degree in finance and a few of the best do not even have a college degree. Ultimately it is the skills and knowledge that determine your worth as a Financial Mechanic, not necessarily the degree.

A Financial Mechanic’s value is their skill and ability using tools to measure and calculate data of various financial products. The knowledge comes from experience, ultimately leading to the understanding of the why/what/how. Know that and you know far more than most.

Before one can learn about financial products, they first need to know how to use the tools to apply their knowledge. You may be surprised you might already know how to use the tools of a Financial Mechanic.

Financial Mechanic Primary Tools

Advanced Microsoft Excel.

This is the primary tool for data crunching, solving problems, and the workbook of every Financial Mechanic. Having a solid understanding on how to use Microsoft Excel is the first step. If you know how to use; SUMIFS, VLOOKUP, Array Formulas, VBA & Macros, Solvers, and how to integrate other software, tools, and API – you already have the solid makings of a Financial Mechanic.

Math Skills.

Chances are if you have Advanced Microsoft Excel skills, you already know the math. Financial math, often confused with accounting math, starts with a solid understanding of Algebra. It can be daunting, as there are entire degrees and courses on financial mathematics. However, a strong Financial Mechanic only needs a solid understanding of elementary Algebra and knowledge in the concepts of probabilities and game theory to begin with. You would be surprised how much of the math needed to be a Financial Mechanic was taught in high-school Algebra.  

If you have the Excel skills and you have a solid understanding of elementary Algebra, you are ready to move forward in your education to make you one of the most valuable members in the financial trading arena, the Financial Mechanic. 

Financial Mechanic Advanced Tools

Mathematica / Matlab

These two are the next step up from MS Excel, while not necessary for the Financial Mechanic, becoming familiar with these programs is added value. They are commonly used in the financial trading arena. Working at Kinetic, you will be introduced to these and begin to use them.

C# or other structured language

Not all Financial Mechanics are programmers and not all programmers are Financial Mechanics, however understanding structured programming language can make your job easier when integrating systems.  Knowledge is power.

Apprentice Program

You bring the skills and we will give you the education.

Our Apprentice Program is seeking those people with the Advance Microsoft Excel skills and Algebra, to begin the training to become a Financial Mechanic and to move forward either in the research and development team or the trade support team at Kinetic.

The path to becoming a member of a trading operation team is through the combination of knowledge and experience. Our firm takes great pride providing an apprenticeship program that combines the education and practical experience for those seeking a career in the professional trading field.

The Apprenticeship program combines detailed training and practical application. This person will work closely with a small trading team and assigned specific duties. Their primary role is to support the trading team with tasks that include but not limited to; data monitoring, research, order handling, and supporting the systems and functions of the trading team.

 The Apprentice position typically requires the following qualifications:

  • Excellent problem solving and analytical skills
  • Strong academic credentials
  • High level of accountability and responsibility
  • Initiative and Passion
  • Interest in financial markets
  • Advanced Microsoft Excel
  • Elementary Algebra
  • A friendly professional demeanor and ability to excel in a team oriented environment
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills
  • Ability to manage time effectively, set priorities and meet deadlines
  • Ability to manage time effectively, set priorities and meet deadlines
  • Ability to learn and adapt to change
  • Desire/ability to work successfully in a small company environmen

Duties and Responsibilities

Apprentice can expect to focus their work in the following areas:

  • Supporting the trade order creation and execution
  • Supporting post trade processing and resolving trade settlement issues in a timely manner
  • Sourcing and managing data.
  • Research projects


The Apprentice will participate in training classes on the following topics:

  • Equity Markets
  • Derivative markets (Greeks)
  • Risk Management / Hedging
  • Trading Technologies

Application Process

  • Interview
    • Testing of core knowledge (Advanced Excel)
    • Q&A session
  • Apprenticeship
    • 1-year program
    • At the end of one year you are either invited to join the trading operation or research operation team.
  • Benefits
    • Pay/benefits are competitive based on industry standards.

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+Trader Intern

The Trader Intern program is designed to give individuals seeking a career in the professional trading arena an opportunity to gain insight into trading operations. You will be working with the trading team, assigned daily tasks, take classes and even play games.

We are looking for individuals that like a challenge and are driven. Who don’t shy away from the unknown and are willing to push themselves.


  • Problem solving skills
  • Strong math and analytical background
  • High level of accountability and responsibility
  • Initiative and Passion
  • Interest in financial markets
  • Understanding of Microsoft Excel

Duties and Responsibilities: Trader Intern can expect to focus their work on supporting the trading team by:

  • Collecting data and information
  • Creating reports and spreadsheets
  • Preparing reports and research.

Training: The Trader Intern will participate in training classes on the following topics:

  • Equity Markets
  • Derivative markets (Greeks)
  • Risk Management / Hedging
  • Trading Technologies

Games: Trading involves understanding risk and probabilities. Understanding game theory and playing certain game will help hone your analytical and decision making skills.

  • Poker
  • Backgammon

Research Project: The Trader Intern will be assigned a research project to complete during the Program.

Success: Successful Trader Interns will be invited to join our Financial Mechanic Apprentice Program as permitted.

Duration: The program typically runs in the summer for 8 weeks. Special Intern Programs may run longer and/or during other parts of the year. Contact us about availability.

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