Freedom & Security:

Offering the Best of Both Worlds

...access to money is never an issue...

The Kinetic Investment Group has created a product portfolio that addresses target rich opportunities in private equity, private index funds and gold and silver.

Kinetic Funds YIELD (KFYIELD:US) is an open end fund incorporated in the United States. It is a conservative blended fund that targets income while securing principal. The strategy employs options to mitigate risk, and ensure growth and income. The fund’s holdings are primarily invested in government bonds including TIPS, corporate bonds, preferred shares, publicly listed equities, REITs and MLPs.

So that access to money is never an issue, our funds can distribute liquidity on a quarterly basis with the option of reinvestment or redistribution of profits. The decision is always yours. And to provide investors full transparency, objective benchmarking and portfolio review, our fund is listed on Bloomberg.


  • Principal Protection
    Proactive Management Strategy –hedging principal against event risks
  • Income
    Monthly / Quarterly income distributions
  • Liquidity
    keeping principal liquid – quarterly and annual redemptions
  • Transparency
    Listed on Bloomberg
    Monthly/Quarterly Statements
  • Reinvestment
    Automatic reinvestments for compounding returns.
  • Qualified Funds
    Multiple qualified custodian relationships