Advanced Proprietary Technology

Intelligence & Experience Backed by Cutting Edge Technology

Blind optimism will always end in ruin!

Our strategies employ options, as one would use insurance, to mitigate risk. Additionally, options can be used to ensure growth and/or income for our investors.

We implement our strategies by marrying our extensive knowledge of the options markets with our proprietary technology, the Proactive Management System™.

Kinetic uses the System to pre-insure our portfolios so that any unexpected market volatility such as a flash crash, a Black Swan event, or some other circumstance of consequence, will not adversely impact our portfolios and cause dramatic losses. So that even the most risk averse can sleep soundly at night.

The team at Kinetic has experience designing and developing leading technology used by top-tier Wall Street Firms.


  • Dynamic Hedging
    Vega Risk
    Delta Risk
  • Tail Risk Hedging
    Vanna Risk
    Nth Strike Analysis
  • Volatility Forecast Analysis
    Event risk
    VIX Analysis
  • Unrealized Gain Hedging
    Reversal / Conversion
    H2 Hedging
    H3 Hedging
  • Qualitative Modeling
    Sector Selection
    Rho Forecasting
    Macro Economic Risks
  • Quantitative Modeling
    Yield Ratio Analysis
    Liquidity Risk Modeling
    Deployment Weighting